A shock for Philadelphia owners


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Today we tell you everything you need to know about Philadelphia’s first land reassessment in three years.

Additionally, two dozen Philadelphia child care centers took part in a national day of action Monday to fight for better wages and affordable care for families.

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Philadelphia released its first property assessments in three years on Monday, shocking many homeowners who have seen their property values ​​skyrocket. The average residential property value in the city has increased by 31% since the last assessment.

Why is this important? The city will use your updated assessment to determine your annual tax bill.

If you’re curious about what this means for your property, start with through the city’s website to find your 2023 assessed value. Then get out a calculator to find 1.3998% (the current city property tax rate) of that value. This would be your tax bill, based on current numbers. (But keep in mind that the city’s tax rate can change, and tax relief programs such as Property Exemption can affect your final bill.)

My colleague Max Marin tells us more about what to know about Philly property assessments.

Two dozen Philadelphia child care centers took part in a national day of action on Monday, going on strike and demanding decent wages for workers and affordable care for families. More than 100 advocates gathered outside Philadelphia City Hall to bring attention to the issue.

Here is what two defenders said at the rally:

🎤 “I’m not a babysitter, I’m an educator,” said Rasheeda Brown, who works with children ages 3½ to 5 at the Children’s Playhouse.

🎤 “I really love kids,” said Isis Brooks, a mother of four who also works in the childcare industry. “I would stay if the salary improved.”

A Sixers fan sitting courtside during Sunday’s game against the Miami Heat went viral when he dozed off mid-game. But he was not just any fan… The question of the day : who was he? Make a guess and find the answer here.

a. Steven Singer, Steven Singer Jewelers

b. Pete Ciarrocchi, CEO of Chickie’s and Pete’s

vs. David Kelleher, President of David Autos

D. Gravelly

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🔍 Learning: Why it’s illegal to buy recreational (legal) marijuana in New Jersey and bring it back to Pennsylvania.

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This beloved Eagles commentator and Hall of Fame writer announced this weekend that he is retiring.


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