Caregivers, including parents, will begin receiving monthly payments of $450 in weeks


UNIVERSAL Basic Income (UBI) payments worth $450 are set to begin rolling out to Americans in need next month.

Under Ithaca’s Guaranteed Income Program, funds are disbursed to 110 residents for a total of 12 months.


Monthly payments will be made for a total of 12 months starting in June

The privately funded program aims to help low-income caregivers (including parents) offset expenses such as food, housing, medical bills and potential financial emergencies.

Who is eligible?

First, keep in mind that you had to apply between December 10 and December 17.

Participants were selected for the program in January after the city received between 400 and 600 applications, according to The Ithaca Voice.

To be eligible, you must be a caregiver who lives in Ithaca, New York.

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In addition, your family’s income in 2021 must be less than 80% of the median for the region, i.e.:

  • One person household – $50,200
  • Household of two – $57,400
  • Household of three – $64,550
  • Household of four – $71,700
  • Household of five – $77,450
  • Household of six – $83,200
  • Household of seven – $88,950
  • Household of eight – $94,650

The city defines a caregiver as an adult who devotes “significant unpaid time” caring for a disabled or aging child.

“It could be inside or outside their home,” the city said.

“That could include people caring for their parents or even parents caring for their child. This can include partners and extend beyond families to include guardians, neighbors, friends and more.

While payments were due to start flowing earlier this year, administrative delays affected the launch of the program.

Payments are now expected to start rolling out in June via prepaid debit cards, as reported by The Ithaca Voice.

Other UBI programs

Although you cannot apply for the above program, there are a few you may qualify for across the country.

However, the deadlines are fast approaching. So you need to act fast if you qualify.

For example, there are only two days left to request monthly payments of $1,000 for two years in Baltimore, Maryland.

Low-income residents should apply by Monday, May 9.

In Chicago, Illinois, 5,000 residents can still apply for monthly payments of $500 for one year.

Applications close Friday, May 13.

And hundreds of women in Georgia have just over a week to apply for monthly payments of $850.

The application window closes on May 15.

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To learn more about UBI, check out 24 cities and states that offer it.

In addition, millions of people are expected to start receiving stimulus and other payments worth up to $1,200 this month.

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