Changes to Colorado Springs daycare cause problems for parents


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) — Child care continues to be a challenge as facilities face staffing shortages and families find themselves stuck on long waiting lists. For some parents in Colorado Springs, they had a daycare to take their children to until last week when they were notified that their child’s class was temporarily closing until more staff were hired and trained.

Victoria Masias says it’s a frustrating situation. She says the parents in her class at Mountain Shadows were notified of the closure on a Friday and only had the weekend to figure out what to do.

“Difficult, very difficult and it’s hard to keep your cool,” Masias said of the situation.

Masias says she now has to juggle working from home and caring for her 4-year-old son Dean.

“I’m a single parent, like I don’t have that backup. You know, I have his grandparents helping me, but I don’t have childcare support,” Masias said.

She was shocked to learn that she only had the weekend to find a solution.

“It’s not feasible. That’s not the case,” Masias said. “Since then I’ve been calling different establishments every day to see if they can take him, but either they’re on the waiting list until August or they’re not taking anyone until 2023.”

KinderCare indicates that this temporary closure affects only one class. In a statement to 11 News, they said: ‘Closing a classroom is not a decision taken lightly. We hope that a break in this room will allow us to better serve our community.

Masias says the company referred her to another daycare 30 minutes away. However, he does not accept the financial help she needs.

“It’s pretty inconsiderate to throw this at all of us. At least give us enough time to find a new daycare and adjust to what we need for now or let us transfer to another KinderCare, even if only temporarily,” Masias said.

According to KinderCare, they were unable to merge the class with others due to licensing regulations.

Masias says the search for child care took up a lot of time and energy. So far, she hasn’t found a new place.

11 News contacted KinderCare on Friday to see if there was an update on when they might reopen and how many families are affected. We are waiting for an answer.

For help finding child care in Colorado, Click here for more information on the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program

KindCare’s full statement can be read below:

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