Global Annual Results Report 2021: Goal 3 – Every child is protected from violence and exploitation – Global



Goal area 3: Progress, results achieved and lessons learned from 2021

Heads of government, political leaders and all leaders across the world, we need more commitment to help end violence against children.

Sarafina, Youth Activist, Ghana, Global Forum for Children and Youth (CY21)

In 2021, continued school closures, along with disruptions to health, social, child protection and other services, and deaths of caregivers due to the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed the more vulnerable to increased risk of multiple violations of their rights, such as violence against children and children. women, child marriage, child labour, trafficking and family separation.

And with twice as many children living in countries experiencing complex emergencies as two years ago, the threat to the protection rights of these children is particularly acute. While countries in situations of fragility and conflict are among the hardest hit, some other contexts also heighten threats to the protection of children, including poverty and loss of livelihoods, violence along migration routes and , more and more, violence in the virtual world. Children also face discrimination and neglect due to disability, racism, xenophobia, sexual orientation, gender identity and ethnicity.

Against this backdrop, UNICEF Child Protection worked with partners in 153 countries to continue progress in the final year of its strategic plan, 2018-2021. UNICEF has adapted its programming to continue to reach vulnerable and marginalized children around the world, reaching record numbers of children in many areas of UNICEF’s child protection work.

Strong points

Working closely with a coalition of governments, UN agencies, civil society organizations and other partners, UNICEF child protection teams (goal area 3) from around the world were able to deliver a wide range of results in 153 countries, including 124 new and ongoing humanitarian situations. Scaling up interventions, strengthening systems and improving data reporting and information management mechanisms have enabled UNICEF and its partners to reach millions of children, parents and caregivers through programs supported by UNICEF. This report summarizes how UNICEF and its partners have contributed to Goal Area 3 in 2021 and examines the impact of these achievements on children and the communities in which they live.


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