In Honor of Mother’s Day, the Employment Development Department (EDD) Highlights California’s Paid Family Leave Program


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May 8, 2022 – SACRAMENTO – On Mother’s Day, the Department of Employment Development (EDD) is celebrating California’s Paid Family Leave program, which since its inception has provided more than $12 billion in benefits on nearly than 4 million requests so that Californians can take time off from work to bond with a new child, care for a sick family member, or help with a family member’s military deployment to a country foreign.

“California’s Paid Family Leave Program strengthens families and communities across California and improves lives,” said Nancy Farias, Director of EDD. “Paid Family Leave is there for mothers and many other Californians during the times that matter most: bonding with a new child, caring for a sick family member, or continuing a family member’s military deployment. family.”

While the most common use of paid family leave was bonding with a new child (85%), caring for a seriously ill family member and supporting family members during a military deployment in a foreign country continued to grow.

In 2021 alone, bail applications filed increased by 18% and care applications filed increased by 23% for women. But one of the biggest hurdles for Californians using the PFL program to support their families is simply not knowing that it exists and that covered workers actually pay for those benefits through CASDI-rated deductions on their pay stubs.

It’s estimated that only 56% of the state’s population is aware of the benefits this valuable program offers and that their deductions support. This Mother’s Day, JED encourages future and new mothers, as well as caregivers of family members, to learn more about this essential benefits program by visiting

California was the first state to implement a PFL program in 2004. It was expanded in early 2021 to provide financial assistance to military families who can now apply for PFL military assistance. A Military Assistance Claim provides wage replacement benefits to eligible Californians who need time off work as a result of active military deployment of a family member (spouse, registered domestic partner, parent, or child) in a foreign country.

An event eligible for PFL benefits may include taking time off to attend an event or manage an essential need, such as arranging for child or parental care, attending military-sponsored events or make legal or financial arrangements.

If eligible, Californians can receive payment for up to eight weeks during their application. PFL benefit payments provide approximately 60-70% of weekly wages earned during the 5-18 month period prior to their claim start date.
Source: CA. JED


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