NeighborWorks offers a new home to a winner in Pueblo


For the price of a $100 raffle ticket, Puebloans can enter to win a $365,000 home on the west side of town as NeighborWorks of Southern Colorado celebrates its 45th anniversary by changing the lives of a local family.

The raffle will be a historic event that has never happened in Pueblo, said Ashleigh Winans, CEO of NeighborWorks, a nonprofit that builds and rehabilitates commercial and residential properties in southern Colorado and offers a financial education to future buyers.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home featured in the raffle has 1,220 finished square feet and an unfinished basement. The house – which won best overall house in last year’s parade of houses – is at 2407 W. 19th St. in the Hyde Park Gardens subdivision near the Chavez Huerta Preparatory Academy.

“For a family who may not be able to access housing, otherwise it is the opportunity of a lifetime to access property which is close to a school, there is a large plot of baseball, there’s a church nearby and it’s close to the new subdivision we’re working on,” Winans said.

“This is an opportunity not only for NeighborWorks to raffle a home, but also for Pueblo, as it speaks to our community and its ability to grow and be more successful in real estate, which translates by improving our economy.

Accompanying residents towards home ownership for 45 years

Over the past five years, NeighborWorks has trained more than 7,665 families with homeownership and financial fitness classes, so “it must be more than 12,000 families at least that we’ve helped over the 45 years,” Winans said.

The agency also helps bring affordable housing to the community and has helped 3,320 new homeowners find housing over the past five years.

One of Winans’ favorite success stories involves a couple who were recently able to close on a new home.

“It was not an easy process with rising interest rates. We were able to secure a large community second mortgage to lower their mortgage payment and they moved in about a month before having a baby,” she said.

“It was truly an amazing opportunity for them to be able to raise their new child in a new home. They bought a house in Hyde Park Gardens and they took advantage of our loan products through our financial institute for community development .”

NeighborWorks’ Hyde Park housing development includes 98 single-family homes. Prior to joining NeighborWorks more than seven years ago, Winans spent more than a decade working in for-profit real estate development.

“I felt like we were creating products that people needed, but when you start on the nonprofit side, it’s a whole different feeling. You feel like you’re doing something for people. people who wouldn’t otherwise have a home and everyone should have that opportunity,” Winans said.

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The interior of the $365,000 NeighborWorks raffle house includes a kitchen that won top kitchen honors in last year's House Parade.

More Affordable Housing Coming to Pueblo

NeighborWorks is not done bringing affordable housing to Pueblo. In fact, its goal is to “put Pueblo on the map as a leader in affordable housing,” Winans said.

The agency’s newest development, Pikes Peak Park, is nearing the end of the planning process and the construction tender will follow.

“Our goal is to innovate on horizontal infrastructure like streets by this winter,” Winans said. “There are a lot of developers building in Pueblo – it’s the only subdivision that will have mixed housing but will provide the option of home ownership for low-to-moderate income people, which doesn’t exist. just not anywhere else.”

The proposed development comprises 74 acres in West Pueblo, located north of 24th Street, west of Wildhorse Creek and east of Pueblo Boulevard. The development requires commercial and diverse mixed-use housing options.

The subdivision will provide permanent affordable housing, day care, health care, access to food, small grocery stores, farmers markets, restaurants, offices, cultural facilities, open spaces and trails.

How to see the raffle house and get a ticket

For those who want to see inside the raffle house, there will be open houses during the parade of houses the last weekend of July and the first weekend of August, said Tamara Pleshek, coordinator of the project for NeighborWorks.

The house will be raffled off at the organization’s annual fundraising dinner on September 30, which will feature a Facebook live stream of the raffle. Tickets are $100 each with a total of 5,000 tickets available; buyers are limited to purchasing one ticket per day for a total of 50 tickets.

Tickets can be purchased on the web at

Scan this QR code to purchase a $100 ticket for the NeighborWorks At-Home Raffle.  The $365,000 home will be raffled off on September 30.

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