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In an effort to increase accessibility to child care services in the New Ulm area, the Brown County Licensing Department and the New Ulm Economic Development Authority have launched the Child Care Replacement Program. children of New Ulm. Once trained, substitute workers will be available for family daycares when the need arises. This accessibility to surrogates will help ensure that childcare services can be offered, making them more reliable and less prone to unexpected closures due to illnesses and other emergencies.

“Our goal is for parents to be able to work without their schedules being disrupted,” said Heather Bregel, director of the New Ulm Economic Development Authority. “We recognize that reliable childcare is necessary so that parents can work to support their families.”

The program is beneficial to parents and employers. This allows parents to continue working without having to worry about finding childcare at the last minute, while giving employers peace of mind knowing their employees will have reliable childcare options. when they need it.

Are you looking for an opportunity to work part-time with a flexible schedule? Become a substitute child care provider. The program is open to anyone who has completed a background check and completed the mandatory training. The cost of the training is $120 per person. The New Ulm EDA will reimburse training costs to individuals upon completion of all trainings.

If you are interested in becoming a substitute child care provider, contact Brown County at or call 507-359-6500 and ask to speak with the child care grantor. children.

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