We work with a number of preschool and nursery providers delivering mini-sports games and activities to improve children’s motor and fundamental skills before they attend primary school.

Our qualified sports coaches introduce young children at the age of 2-5 year olds to a wide range of mini-sports games and activities to help support EYFS objectives outlined in the National Curriculum which in turn leads to developing concentration and confidence levels as well as giving a head start in gaining a knowledge and understanding in sport and physical activity when they do reach primary school.

We are passionate about teaching sport and our goal is to get young children enthusiastic about physical activity so that they enjoy being active, have an early exposure to sport and encourages them to be healthy  now and in the future.

Our sessions last for 60 minutes where we recommend breaking the group up into ages so that there can be a clear focus and the session can be tailored specially for the children’s needs. We do not require too much space and our equipment can also be used indoors.

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