$25 Million Incentive for Child Care Companies Announced by Governor Reynolds | Policy


(KWWL) – The Child Care Business Incentive Grant Program was announced Friday by Governor Reynolds to encourage employers to offer the child care option to their employees.

The program will use $20 million for investments in local infrastructure to build/expand child care capacity and $5 million will be used to support arrangements between employers and child care centers to expand and reserve childcare slots.

“I have heard parents and employers say that babysitting is a barrier to working in our state,” Governor Reynolds said. “One of the key recommendations from my child care task force was to encourage employers to invest in babysitting. This program will do just that by encouraging employers to help provide babysitting solutions to their employees, thus strengthening the possibilities of recruiting and retaining workers. »

Governor Reynolds began the Child Care Working Group in March 2021 for the child care shortage in Iowa. The Iowa Governor’s Office reports that 23% of Iowans live in a ‘childcare desert’ and that Iowa has lost 33% of its childcare businesses in the past five last years.

More information on the Child Care Business Incentive Grant Program is available HERE. Iowa will begin accepting applications on IowaGrants.gov from June 17. Applications must be submitted by Monday, July 18.


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