Alice’s daycare voted best of the best


The owner of Cindorelia’s daycare has been bringing magic to children’s lives for over 40 years.

ALICE, Texas – Childcare of Cindorélia was named Best Daycare, Best Kindergarten and Best Daycare Teacher by the community of Alice Echo News Journals Readers’ Choice Award 2021.

Owner Orelia Guerrero Luna says she wanted to make the place magical for children, with a fairytale theme.

“It’s just magical and we want the kids to come here and feel like a magical and happy place for them,” Guerrero Luna said.

Guerrero Luna has been bringing magic to the lives of children for over 40 years.

“The parents who were my students, they bring their children. I have crossed the generations and I am still here, ”said Guerrero Luna.

But it was not until this year that she decided to expand her castle beyond her house.

“I had home day care in Freer, then I was the day care director for 14 years in Freer, we went back to Alice, I was still commuting and I continued for two more years.”

When it comes to looking after the kids and running this business, you need a village.

“We make it our daily routine to go on a schedule, singing the national anthem, starting to handwrite learning everything, counting, their ABCs, their letters,” Crystal Luna said.

“It is a really enriching experience to see how much our children are progressing,” said Christine Luna.

This village is the village of Luna.

“I am their mother. I am their boss and I am their friend and it is an unbeatable combination to work with them, ”said Guerrero Luna.

The mother-daughter team are working side-by-side to overcome challenges, especially those brought by the pandemic.

“We sanitize every day, deep sanitize every day and it was scary, but yet our parents work with us so they knew if they had symptoms, mild symptoms that they weren’t going to bring to them, we had practiced good hygiene, temperature controls, “said Guerrero Luna. .

At a time when we saw many daycares closing or having epidemics, their center was doing well.

“We were already scared, but thank goodness everything went well and we were very lucky,” said Christine Luna.

Orelia says this family affair is more than she could ever imagine.

“A dream is a wish that your heart makes, and it can be made and it can come true,” Guerrero Luna said.

And her daughters hope this magical place can last another 40 years.

“I really hope to follow in my mother’s footsteps and retire just like my mother in daycare. I want to be the best I can be, ”said Crystal Luna.


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