Amy announces she is 12 weeks pregnant with second child


Amy Slaton-Halterman of 1000-Lb Sisters is expecting her second child this year. She has taken steps to improve the life of her first son, Gage.

TLC star Amy Slaton-Halterman 1000 pound sisters, begins the new year with exciting news: she and her husband, Michael Halterman, are expecting their second child. The announcement comes just over a year after the birth of their son, Gage, who Amy works for to improve lives, as seen in the current season of the series. Motherhood has been Amy’s longtime dream, but it was something she couldn’t achieve until her dramatic 100-pound weight loss. Soon she will have not one but two bundles of joy to call her own.

Throughout her pregnancy with Gage, Amy endured her fair share of obstacles. As she was still recovering from her weight loss surgery, the risk of complications was higher. She also gave in to pregnancy cravings, which threatened to undo much of the progress she had made. Either way, Gage came into the world happy and healthy on November 10, 2020. Over the past year, Amy’s parenthood has come under intense scrutiny, especially in regards to concerns the cleanliness of his house. In a recent episode of 1000 pound sisters, when the self-proclaimed hoarder called for help from professional organizers, mice and cockroaches were seen running around. It struck a chord with a tearful Amy, who vowed to do better for the health and safety of her son.


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As Amy and Michael work to improve their housekeeping habits and prepare to move into a larger space, they will have someone else to include in their plans. Three days after the start of 2022, Amy took to Instagram to share a major life update with her 325,000 followers; she is 12 weeks pregnant. In the post, Amy shared a screenshot from a pregnancy app that compares baby’s size to fruit at different stages of growth in the womb. At this point, little Halterman # 2 is approximately the size of a lime.

Fans have widely expressed their support for Amy and Michael. One follower said: “I am so happy for your family !!!! You’re an amazing mom, these babies are so lucky to have you. “Many are thrilled for Gage, whom they think is a big brother. A number of fans have their fingers crossed for a girl so Amy can enjoy the”The best of both worlds“However, not all of the comments were positive. Some of Amy’s followers have expressed concern that the baby will have to sleep in the kitchen and live in dirty conditions like Gage.”She had rat droppings in her kitchen cupboards“said a viewer.”Where sleeps # 2 is not as important as its complete lack of cleanliness. ”In response, the diehard fan base of 1000 pound sisters came to Amy’s defense. One commentator said: “She announces her bundle of joy and you are criticizing us? Wait at least, damn it. That’s why she hired organizers, she obviously knew there was a problem. I bet your house and life is perfect. “Another said,”They’ve moved and I can almost promise that she probably has everything under control, especially after her old house turns her upside down.. “

This last argument is likely to be true. In the last episodes of 1000 pound sisters, viewers saw Amy take action to put her own family first. She is fed up with being the sole caregiver of her sister Tammy Slaton, who refuses to take the necessary steps to lose some of her 600+ pounds. Amy hired a home helper for Tammy, brought in professional organizers to learn how to be on a cleaner path, and left with Michael to find a home. Fans of 1000 pound sisters I hope these changes are permanent and that Amy thrives in this next chapter of her life as a mother of two.

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