Back to work after baby? Keep that mama guilt at bay


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Returning to work after having a child is arguably one of the most difficult tasks you will ever face. You are happy, sad, confused, tired, fulfilled and ready to give up all at the same time. Leaving your child with a caregiver is like leaving a piece of your heart with someone else. However, when you begin to breathe in the fresh air of the outside world, you feel a sense of relief. These are intense emotions that take practice to overcome.

“The guilt literally drives you crazy. And you start to wonder, “Is it worth it?” Is it possible that I’m a horrible mother by not spending enough time with her? Am I missing something? I feel you, believe me,” says Jennifer Mulchandani, founder of The Boutique Project, who returned to work when her baby was only four months old. “Some days were great, some weren’t. I was about to give it all up. Things changed after I met a few working moms and wondered how they looked so easy,” she wrote. , citing her proven strategies that have actually worked for her.

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• Learn to accept the path you have chosen. You are not a bad mother for helping to support your child.
• Try to focus your attention by taking time for yourself every chance you get.
• Build a strong support system that encourages, motivates and supports you in your choices.
• Stay positive and you can turn every lemon into a vodka martini.
• Spend quality time with your baby (don’t worry too much about the quantity) It’s all about those beautiful moments you create that will help fill your heart and theirs.
• If you need help, ASK. Remember that it adds a lot of pressure when you decide to do it all on your own.
• And finally, you have to take it easy. You are a strong, beautiful and independent woman who sets a good example for her child. So let loose and become your own cheerleader!

You are a great mom and you have this!

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