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District 2 State Senator Danny Carroll, R-Benton, recently received the “Champion for Children Award” from the Children’s Alliance, a state association of 36 private agencies that provide residential care and behavioral health services to Kentucky’s most vulnerable children and families. Carroll received the award for his leadership during the 2022 legislative session in sponsoring Senate Bill 97, strengthening Kentucky’s child abuse and neglect death and near-death laws.

Based on recommendations from the Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review Panel, which was created by statute in 2013, Carroll sponsored SB 97 to improve the investigation and review of child deaths and near-deaths in Kentucky and ultimately help prevent future child deaths and near-deaths. A key provision of SB 97 requires law enforcement to request a blood, breath, or urine test from a caregiver suspected of being under the influence at the time of a child or child death. imminent death and request a search warrant for the test if the caregiver does not consent.

Additionally, SB 97 expands the membership of the Child Deaths and Near-Deaths Review Committee; creates a process for the panel to suggest recommendations for state agencies and state agencies to respond to and implement the recommendations; and requires that a coroner immediately contact major public assistance agencies such as the Department of Community Services, law enforcement and the local health department, to determine the existence of relevant information regarding a death or imminent death in a child. Carroll, a retired law enforcement officer, sponsored SB 97 to improve the investigation and coordination among state agencies in the event of a child’s death or near death.

Carroll was presented with the award on July 7 by Michelle Canborn, president of Children’s Alliance.

“It is a great honor to present the “Champion for Children Award” to Senator Carroll, who is a strong advocate in Frankfort for children and families in Kentucky. His extraordinary efforts to ensure better coordination among state agencies where a child death or imminent death will have a lasting impact on the work of the Child Deaths and Near-Deaths Review Committee to ultimately reduce the number of child deaths and near-deaths in the Commonwealth,” Sanborn said.

The Children’s Alliance is Kentucky’s voice for at-risk children and families and has been in existence for over 60 years. It includes private child and family service agencies throughout Kentucky that serve at-risk, abused, neglected, and abandoned children and their families.


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