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A single item related to the medical cannabis dispensary on the agenda of the special Rapid City Council meeting was approved on Monday afternoon.

The council voted 8-0 to uphold the Planning Committee’s decision to approve a major amendment to a planned development overlay for a dispensary at 530 Cambell Street for From the Hills.

Council members Ron Weifenbach and Pat Jones were absent from the meeting.

In the past two weeks, the board has approved eight conditional use applications for medical marijuana dispensaries in two meetings. Council reviewed 31 conditional use applications, of which 30 were recommended by the Planning Commission for approval.

Finance Director Pauline Sumption said on Monday afternoon her office had issued 29 provisional licenses, including 23 for Puffy. The rest went to Hive Collective, R&W Management, 11 Leaf Brands, From the Hills, Black Hills Cannabis Care, and Rapid City Cannabis. These applications did not require a conditional use license.

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Community Development Director Vicki Fisher said the only reason the Cambell Street Planned Development Overlay application came to council is because the Planned Development Overlays require a public hearing. The location meets all other requirements.

She said the location is across from the fairgrounds, which is not considered a public park.

Council member Jason Salamun said he would vote against any place within 500 feet of a church, daycare, public park or property zoned as residential.

“I don’t really have a yellow area in my head, I have a red or a green area,” he said. “I think there are a lot of options in the green spaces.”

The council approved the zoning for permitted and conditional use at its September 20 meeting for dispensaries, testing facilities, growing facilities and manufacturing facilities. According to the ordinances, dispensaries can operate within 500 feet of a day care center, church, public park or zoned residential property if granted a conditional use permit.

During Monday’s meeting, the board voted to rescind the Planning Commission approval for 13 of 15 dispensary-related items, 12 of which fell under Genesis Farms. Four of the articles concerned four different suites at 1565 Haines Avenue, while four concerned different suites at 1624 E St. Patrick Street.

Emmett Reistroffer, from Sioux Falls, attended the meeting on behalf of Genesis Farms. He said the company had no plans to have multiple dispensaries side by side, if the state licensed them. He said the company believed the dispensaries should be spread across the city.

“We are trying to expand access around Rapid City to areas that make sense,” he said.

Board member Darla Drew said access is important to her and people need direct access to medicines.

“I think we’re getting off track a bit because it’s so related to recreation, but it’s medical,” she said.

Reistroffer said he had a 200-page business plan to satisfy 125 pages of state Department of Health rules regarding signage, odors and safety.

Genesis Farms permit applications were denied for each location, including permit applications for 709 Mountain View Road, 608 St. Joseph Street, 610 St. Joseph Street and 230 East North Street.

Council voted to uphold the Planning Commission ‘s denial of an application for a conditional use permit for a location east of Tower Road and north of Hanks Drive. The commission voted to refuse the permit due to topographical problems.

Mayor Steve Allender broke two votes for the conditional use permit for 709 Mountain View Road for Genesis Farms. The request was for a suite in the middle of Baken Park.

Allender voted to deny the permit.

The applicants needed a zoning compliance letter in order to receive an interim permit from the city. The provisional license is required to apply for a state license.

During the meeting, the council voted to approve the list of bills, the second reading of a supplementary appropriation order, and an agreement between the city and the state Department of Transportation to accomplish the planning process. fast city transport. The agreement is for $ 651,232.

Long-term planning director Kip Harrington said the deal is usually submitted to council in October or November, but the state has delayed the point this year.

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