Dunleavy wants constitutional amendment on abortion | Alaska


(The Center Square) – Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy has said he will ask the state legislature to consider a constitutional amendment on abortion.

The Supreme Court of the United States struck Roe vs. Wade on Friday by a vote of 6-3. Alaska does not have a trigger law that makes abortion illegal.

“I love a lot of Alaskans, I’m pro-life,” Dunleavy said in a press release. “I also recognize that many Alaskans are a pro pick. I will therefore be presenting a resolution for a proposed constitutional amendment to the legislature in the next session to answer the question of whether or not abortion should be a constitutionally protected right.

Voters in Alaska will decide in November whether they want to approve a constitutional convention. Alaska Democrats said that in light of Friday’s Supreme Court ruling, the measure should be thrown out.

“While, for now, a woman’s right to choose remains protected in the State of Alaska, extremist Christian fundamentalists and radical MAGA Republicans seek an unnecessary, costly and dangerous constitutional convention that would open up the entire state constitution to revisions on issues ranging from abortion, guns, climate change, environmental regulations, same-sex marriage and PFDs,” the organization said in a post. on its website. “Question of constitutional convention to be voted down by voters at the polls in November.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, said while her home state has “protected abortion rights” through the state constitution, other states have not.

“As a result of this decision, it is up to Congress to respond,” Murkowski said in a press release. “I introduced legislation in February to protect women’s reproductive rights, as envisioned in Roe, and I continue to work with a broader group to restore women’s freedom to control their own health decisions, wherever ‘they live.”

Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, said the ruling takes the matter out of the federal courts and returns it to the states.

“As a pro-life Catholic, I believe there is no greater gift than that of life. Going forward, I will continue to support legislation that protects the most vulnerable in society, including expanding quality child care and adoption opportunities,” Sullivan said.


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