Families gather in Duncan Park for The Nest’s sixth annual Family Fun Day


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – The Nest Center for Women, Children and Families held its sixth annual Family Fun Day at Duncan Park in Lexington. The program has been around for 45 years and they help with many different programs.

The Nest’s director of community engagement, Sheri Estill, said they help with four main programs: domestic violence education, support and advice, parenting support and advice, family support and respite care.

Estill said after 45 years, she feels the community can trust her organization.

“We’ve touched so many lives within the community, so it’s so good to see so many people coming out to participate in the event,” she said.

The event included face painting, balloon animals, and many different foods. There were also different tents and tables around the park. Different organizations, such as the Community Action Council, have shared information with families on many topics. Some topics included parenting, mental health, or domestic violence.

Donna Keene of the Community Action Council said she was happy to come and help the community.

“It’s wonderful for me because I’ve been in this situation and didn’t know about community action until I needed help,” Keene said.

She said she was able to understand people who came to her table and asked for help.

The families attending the event thought it was great to see everyone in the community coming out to support this fun day.

“Seeing other people having fun, and for the kids before school time,” said Catherine David, a mom at the event, “I’m so happy.”

And Sheri Estill said The Nest was pleased with the outcome of the event and was grateful for all the support.

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