MSU Billings offers daycare assistance to students


MSU Billings students now have the option of getting help with childcare.

The program goes through the US Department of Education and the idea is to give students a better opportunity to attend classes and study.

Sondrea Ramirez, a criminal justice major at MSUB, is taking nine units and working full time at Cradles to Crayons Preschool and Daycare.

She asked for help via MSUB Child Care Access Means Parents In School (CCAMPIS) Scholarship Program.

“It helps me so I have time to study and do my homework and not have a toddler running around,” Ramirez said.

Her workplace, Cradles to Crayons, is one of three daycares associated with MSUB’s CCAMPIS program.

The “program will help me pay for child care costs so that I still have money to go to college,” Ramirez said.

“Helps attract employees, even other kids too, referrals from parents who use the program,” Carrie Roberts, owner of Cradles to Crayons, said of CCAMPIS.

The St. John’s United Center for Generations and the Wondyer Years Preschool and Childcare Center are the other two child care centers in the program.

“This is usually a guaranteed way to get child care costs paid on time and usually in full as well and parents don’t have to worry about anything then,” said Roberts.

MSUB received approximately $ 200,000 for the program.

“It’s a way for them to get help and it could help them stay enrolled in college and graduate,” said Kim Hayworth, MSUB’s vice-chancellor for access and education. student success.

Hayyworth said about 40% of students are 25 or older, a group that may include student parents.

“They know we’re going to go with them and help cover that cost,” Hayworth said.

“Please know that I have a good daycare to take care of my child so that I can go to college and do my job,” Ramirez said. “Follow my dream.”


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