Report misuse of child allowance


Sassa encourages people to report primary caregivers who abuse child support to the nearest social worker or Sassa office, Sassa communications manager Nandi Mosia said.

She also said that Sassa does not have enough capacity to track each grant recipient or their spending habits; however, they are calling on the public to come forward and report any recipient who abuses their child support.

“It is illegal to use social grant money for any purpose other than the needs of the child and Sassa has the right to withhold the money and transfer it to a more capable adult who will use it for the needs of the child,” Mosia said. .

She added that they had received complaints about people abusing child support payments and in those cases they had resolved the issues by naming another person within the family who was eligible to focus. on the needs of the child.

“Child support should be used for the needs of the child, not the needs of the caregiver,” Mosia said.

She also shed some light on the speculation that child support is only paid to women.

“It is not only paid to women, but to anyone who is the primary caregiver – be it the mother, father or guardian of the child. Child support is paid to a primary caregiver, not just women,” Mosia explained.

People who want to apply for child support or any other subsidy can go to the nearest Sassa office or visit

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