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There are over 600 children ready for adoption in Virginia. They are ready to find a permanent and loving family forever. 10 News profiles a child who needs a home every day at 6 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. in 30 Days of Hope. Children are of all ages and races and have been placed in foster care through no fault of their own. 2021 marks the fifth year that 10 News has produced this series.

Meet Savannah

“I like to play with dogs and cats. I love animals, ”said Savannah, 16, who spends a lot of time at the animal shelter.

“Savannah is a very caring person. She has a very nourishing soul. She loves to give. She enjoys being friends with others. She loves being able to take care of people, just like she does with animals, ”said Morgan Young, Savannah case manager.

” I love helping others. I would help girls who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. I want to go to a girls’ hospital like that so I can help them, ”the teenager said.

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“Anyone who is going through hardship, stay strong for hope is there,” Savannah said before asking if she had any hope. “I’m trying but I’m 16, few families want teenagers. They love babies. I hope an amazing family will come and save me so that I can be in a family.

She has been in foster care for years.

“I think the adoption would give Savannah the opportunity to lead a normal, healthy and happy life where she could have the opportunity to have some stability in the consistency of her life,” said Sara Pugliese, Services Specialist. social services to the Shenandoah Valley family. “She is looking for a family who can call hers and who can provide that love and support.”

Pugliese thinks Savannah would do better in a family that has a very strong, caring and involved female figure.

We asked the teenager what kind of things she would like to do with a family.

“Be a girl. I haven’t had this chance for a very long time, ”Savannah told us.

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Savannah also enjoys walks, nature, music, art, thrift stores, and music. The teenager says Dustin Lynch, Upchurch and Jelly Roll are among her favorite artists.

“She loves to keep a journal. One of her favorite things right now is keeping a journal of the music she listens to to try to understand how the lyrics make her feel and how that applies to what’s going on in her life, ”Pugliese said. . “She loves candy. We went to the buffet once and she couldn’t get to the sweet bar fast enough.

She also loves painting.

“I take some paint and put it in paper, close it and it’ll make a nice pattern,” Savannah said.

She has been diagnosed with autism and you will get resources and services if you welcome her.

“I think Savannah will be pretty self-sufficient after she turns 18. I think she will always need the ongoing guidance and support of a caregiver, but ultimately, if given the right tools, I think she could live a successful life. by ourselves, ”Pugliese said.

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“Before she was diagnosed with autism, she had a family friend who had, I believe, three young children who were diagnosed with autism,” Pugliese told us. “She really cared about them and loved coming to their house and being able to help parents take care of their children. Savannah often says that her goal in life is to work in the field of autism and to help those who might have this diagnosis.

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