The 5 Best Child Care Centers in Sacramento, CA


Below is a list of the best and leading childcare centers in Sacramento. To help you find the best child care centers near you in Sacramento, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

The Best Child Care Centers in Sacramento:

Top rated child care centers in Sacramento, CA are:

  • East Sac YMCA (daycare only) – help children to grow physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Forever Young Daycare – uses the teachings and techniques of many experts in early childhood development
  • Penleigh Child Development Center – have experience in teaching and managing early childhood programs
  • Dot Tot Child Care Center – offer the best possible care to our children
  • Milestones Child Development Center – they seek to see what each child needs to be successful

East Sac YMCA (daycare only)Childcare Services in Sacramento

East Sac YMCA (daycare only), at the Y, they are dedicated to providing an improvement experience that aids a child’s cognitive, social, physical and emotional growth. The YMCA School Age Program ensures that each child’s time is spent imaginatively and productively, helping children grow physically, mentally and spiritually while emphasizing personal development and the YMCA’s core values. caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

The Y is the national leader in non-commercial child care, and its Y is firmly committed to strengthening community through its mission, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, have the chance to reach their maximum potential.


School Age, Preschool Learning Program, Summer at the Y, Bear Valley Camp YMCA


Address: 3600 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816
Call: (916) 737-0442


“Larry and his team are the best.” – Anna M.

Forever Young DaycareBest child care centers in Sacramento

Forever Young Daycare has established a non-violent and gender-neutral learning environment that respects the diversity of all ethnic and cultural perspectives since 1979. Forever Young uses the teachings and techniques of many experts in early childhood development; however, their basic philosophy can be described as respect for each child and their level of development.

Forever Young is a non-commercial, cooperative daycare with a parent-only board of directors that offers a comprehensive program for infants and toddlers. Meals, diapers and wipes are all included in your child’s school fees. Additionally, Forever Young offers natural vegetarian foods with little or no added salt, sugar, preservatives, artificial additives, or colors.


Childcare center


Address: 1209 P St # 12, Sacramento, CA 95814
Call: (916) 446-4246


“We are so happy to have found Forever Young Daycare. Trying to find daycare during a pandemic was a joke. We received a recommendation that this place had an opening and registered our 14 month old. It’s so warm and friendly, I feel good to leave my daughter there all day. The staff are relaxed and loving. My daughter loves it there. She has built a special bond with Carl, her favorite, and sometimes when I come to pick her up she just doesn’t want to leave. They include diapers and food with school fees, really what more could you ask for. – Christy B.

Penleigh Child Development CenterSacramento Child Care Centers

Penleigh Child Development Center, in 2010, two enthusiastic and hard-working women, who have over 30 years of experience teaching and managing early childhood programs in the United States and abroad, came together and explored the idea of ​​opening a quality early childhood learning center in America.

Due to the demand for high quality early childhood education programs, suggested by research and professional standards, the call for the opening of the Penleigh Child Development Center was made in September 2010 by Marivel Camasura and Ola Del Mundo, Ph.D., at the heart of Mansion Apartments in downtown Sacramento, California.


Outdoor games, children’s classroom


Address: 1400 E St, Sacramento, CA 95814
Call: (916) 822-5020


“Penleigh has been a great daycare for my child to grow up. Teachers make parents and children feel like family. – Audrey V.

Dot Tot Child Care CenterGood daycares in Sacramento

Dot Tot Child Care Center was established in 1983, DOT Tot provides daycare and preschool services to children aged 6 weeks to 6 years old. Their facility is centrally located in downtown Sacramento, with the convenience of transit lines, and a short walk from the Capitol and nearby government offices.

As a parent-run non-profit organization, DOT Tot’s duty is to provide a sanctuary where children can explore the world, expand their minds, express themselves, develop their skills and talents, and become people. independent and self-confident. Their mission is to provide the best possible care for our children and families, while taking care of those who care for our children, their teachers.


Open curriculum, infant and toddler program, preschool program


Address: 1630 12th St, Sacramento, CA 95814
Call: (916) 442-5421


“I actually went here firsthand. I can say that I loved it so much and that I have kept so many good memories there. It made me very social and I made a lot of friends. I never wanted to leave and when I did all I wanted to do was go back. So much so that it is an incredible daycare. – Gillian S.

Milestones Child Development CenterOne of the best child care centers in Sacramento

Milestones Child Development Center is a center-based business activity providing care from 6 weeks to 6 years. Their philosophy takes into consideration the individual needs of each child. Whenever they think about the best way to do something, they always start with the question “What is in the best interests of this child?” “. Among their many sources of dignity at Milestones is the routine of individualized care. This means that, as much as possible, they seek to see what each child needs to be successful.

Learning at their center is teacher-led and child-led. Their environments are organized into specific areas of interest that allow children to learn, grow and explore a variety of materials in their own way. By allowing children to live their experiences through play, children can discover their world and all the materials it contains in the most optimal conditions.


Primary care, continuity of care, small groups, individualized care, cultural continuity, inclusion of children with special needs


Address: 1411 O St, Sacramento, CA 95814
Call: (916) 231-1153


“Milestones has been our children’s daycare for over 4 years now. The teachers and staff are phenomenal. They constantly expose children to different activities and crafts and always create a fun and enthusiastic environment for them. With the help of all the teachers, each child has a primary teacher who follows them throughout the 5 years. I appreciate this continuity of care and I think it helped my most shy child to come out of his shell. They also have great events where families and children can all interact with each other. The Milestones family is truly special. – Rohini R.


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