The child is locked in the bus in front of the nursery, now his life is in danger


A baby girl has been found unconscious in a minibus outside a daycare center in Australia. Apparently he was locked inside for hours at high temperatures. Now he is fighting for his life.

A baby girl remains in critical condition in an unconscious state in a van outside a day care center in central Queensland, Australia.

Multiple Australian media reported the three-year-old was seen in a van near Rockhampton just before 3pm on Wednesday. Police and ambulances were called to a kindergarten in the town of Gracemere.

Australia: The child was said to have been locked in the bus for hours

Paramedics treated the child at the scene of the accident and took him to hospital. According to unconfirmed reports, the child has been locked in a parked bus since 9:30 a.m. The temperature in the area was recorded at 28 degrees.

“Queensland Ambulance Services were called to a day care center in Gracemere where a three-year-old child was unresponsive,” Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman Jason Thompson said. It is said that the police have already arrived at the scene. “They took the crew to daycare where the child was lying unresponsive at the time.” Police are now investigating how the incident happened.

It often happens that during summer days children are locked in cars. Last summer in Croatia, a father forgot his five-year-old child in the car when he wanted to take him to daycare. According to a news report, while driving he immediately received a call to report to his barracks. Taking the child from the back seat, he drove to the barracks in the car but forgot the child in the car itself. He realized his fatal mistake that afternoon when his wife called him and told him the boy was not at daycare. When he got to the car, the child was unconscious. Rescuers were unable to save his life.

Also in Germany, two years ago, in Bückeberg, Lower Saxony, parents forgot their two-year-old child in a car in high summer temperatures. Passers-by saw the girl crying and called the police. Staff at a nearby store released the child from the cracked window and gave him water to drink. The parents told police they brought their purchases to the apartment and left their child in the car. After that, the youth support office was informed and the parents were checked.

Queensland, Australia: Child trapped in bus outside daycare, now in life-threatening condition

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