The Métis Nation of Saskatchewan supports families


The Metis Nation of Saskatchewan (MN-S) will invest $15 million in early learning and child care programs.

There are five programs included in the ad:

Child Care Subsidy

MN-S is allocating $5.4 million to help address rising costs associated with child care. Eligible families can access up to $300 per month for each child under 12. Parents must be registered Métis citizens.

Early Childhood Accessibility Grant Program

An investment of $2 million will provide an annual income supplement to help families pay for medical and support costs. These include developmental support services, medical or nutritional needs, specialized clothing or therapy, or behavioral interventions. Eligible Métis families can receive up to $5,000 per child, up to age eight, to cover their expenses.

Lil Bufloo Backpack Program

This program will distribute special backpacks to eligible children 13 and under. Each pack contains culturally appropriate learning resources to encourage the early learning process. This program will cost $1.5 million

Early language development

An additional $2.6 million will expand this program to include 17 additional schools in the 12 MN-S regions. The Elders will teach Dene, Cree, Traditional Michif, Northern Michif and French Michif to Métis children and their families.

Community Improvement Grant

The Community Enhancement Grant (announced earlier this month) provides Métis locals with up to $50,000 to improve or expand early learning supports and services.


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