The Newsroom: Town Hall Unpacking This Week’s School Board Candidates


Video of the town hall (or click here):


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  • When is an isolation room not an isolation room? NHCS, FERPA and the tricky world of student data
  • NHC Association of Educations asks county for classified staff increases, totaling $17.6 million
  • New Hanover school board to ask county commissioners for raises for cafeteria workers, janitors and teaching assistants
  • Back to Segregation: Neighborhood Schools Policy Fuels Inequality, Erases New Hanover’s Progress
  • New Hanover County school board teachers and members respond after petition to remove superintendent receives over 1,000 signatures
  • Southeastern North Carolina leads the state in teacher attrition. Those who left explain why
  • Fate of civil case against NHCS unknown, but judge ok defense calls for ‘independent medical exams’
  • Love Our Children wins: New Hanover School Board votes unanimously to end suspensions for young students
  • NHCS teachers share their concerns, many of which were highlighted in a recent climate survey
  • NHCS Gender Support Plan FAQs (from October 2020 Title IX Committee Meeting Minutes)

Below: Excerpts from the NHCS Gender Equality Support Plan FAQ

What if a transgender student seeks privacy and requests that their caregiver not be involved in the support process? The NHCS understands that sometimes school is the only place where transgender or non-binary students feel safe enough to be themselves. NHCS strives to protect the privacy of all of its students based on federal and state laws. NHCS will respond on a case-by-case basis and work with the student to develop a process for responding when carers are not ready to affirm their child’s gender identity. The NHCS will consider relevant factors such as age, safety, type of support needed, etc. to determine the appropriate steps.

What if a caregiver disagrees with their child’s transgender status or supports? The NHCS will answer these questions on a case-by-case basis while balancing student privacy, student safety and carer rights. NHCS will make good faith efforts to find common ground between the wishes of students and caregivers. The age and maturity of the student requesting the support would be considered in determining the appropriate supports in addition to other relevant factors.


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