The Richmond Observer – Richmond County Partnership for Children: Child Abuse Prevention Month is a chance for North Carolina to grow for a better future


ROCKINGHAM – The Richmond County Partnership for Children, along with Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina, recognizes the importance of caring relationships, supportive environments and positive experiences for all children and families during Child Abuse Prevention Month. child abuse in April. We all have a stake in prioritizing equal opportunity for every child in every community in every corner of the state to build a more prosperous future for all of us.

April 2022 marks the third year CAP month has occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that times of crisis put a strain on families and can lead to a significant increase in the risk of child abuse. COVID-19 adds stress that can overwhelm parents and caregivers, such as job loss, loss of income due to lack of paid time off, the need for new childcare and schooling arrangements, and food insecurity.

“Too often our society views raising healthy children as the sole responsibility of a parent or caregiver,” said RCPC CEO Dr. Katrina Chance. “We all benefit when we work together to reduce the stress load placed on families. »

As children and families face unprecedented stress during the pandemic, we know child abuse is preventable. There are proven programs, strategies and policies to strengthen families, so they can meet their basic needs and better care for their children.

“Research shows that positive childhood experiences and caring relationships grow families and communities,” said PCANC President and CEO Sharon Hirsch. “While every season is a new opportunity to build strong foundations for children, this Child Abuse Prevention Month is an opportunity to redefine how our policies, systems and communities inspire children to become healthy and thriving members of their community and reach their full potential. Please join us in prioritizing safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments for children, enabling families and entire communities to succeed – today and for generations to come.

The PCANC and RCPC recommend the following ways for North Carolina residents to connect and make an impact during this year’s CAP month:

  • Wear blue on Friday, April 1, Wear Blue Day, to show your support for children and families. Post a photo or video to social media and include the hashtags #WearBlueDay2022 and #BeAConnection.
  • Celebrate early learning, young children, their teachers, families and communities during Week of the Young Child April 2-8
  • Help the Richmond Parents’ Circle plant their windmills for prevention on April 4 at 4 p.m. at 115 S. Lawrence St, Rockingham.
  • Tell your #BeAConnection story to help amplify the ways all adults can help children and families thrive. To enter, record a short video by completing the prompt: “April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and I can #BeAConnection by ____________”. Share the video or photo on social media with the hashtag #BeAConnection. You can also take your photo at the RCPC. Learn more at
  • Encourage adults to take action to prevent child sexual abuse by participating in Five Days of Action the week of April 18-22
  • Learn how we can all prevent child abuse together, register for PCANC’s free webinar “Ensuring Strong Foundations for Children | Learn the basics and take action” on April 20.
  • Join Digital Advocacy Day on Wednesday, April 27 and let your reps know you support family-friendly policies, such as sick leave and paid family leave, that help reduce stress for parents and caregivers . Sign up for PCANC Political Action Alerts to advocate throughout the year.
  • Host a Children’s Sabbath celebration in your faith community.
  • Follow PCANC on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to share our posts throughout April and join the conversation using the hashtags #BeAConnection, #GrowingBetterTogether and #CAPMonth. You can also follow the RCPC on its Facebook page.
  • Sign up for the PCANC newsletter to stay up to date on how you can help children thrive.
  • Make a tax-deductible donation to PCANC or RCPC.

To learn more ways to get involved in CAP month and to download the toolkit (with new resources tailored for school counsellors, faith communities, and early care and education providers), please visit . Because together we can prevent child abuse, North Carolina.


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