Tianlong launched a campaign to take care of SMA children


Tianlong always takes social responsibility and strives to let more people know about the disease and help in early detection. We want to make the world of SMA children full of love with deeds. During the campaign, we invited many families to Xi’an, China to join us to accompany the SMA children one day. We also invited a professor to give a lecture on the treatment of SA and address the concerns of parents.

As a leading manufacturer of molecular diagnostic products in China, Tianlong has PCR reagents covering 200 kinds of disease detection, including SMA detection. Based on PCR melting curve method, Tianlong Human Survival Motor Neuron 1 (SMN1) Gene Detection Kit is suitable for auxiliary diagnosis of SMN1 patients and screening for SMN1 gene carriers. Besides PCR reagents, Tianlong can provide integrated PCR lab solution from nucleic acid extractor and PCR systems to compatible reagents. We have helped over 80 countries build health systems during the COVID-19 phase. Our nucleic acid extractors and PCR machines have been a star in the war against COVID-19.

Every child is a gift for parents. They need to be nurtured with lots of love. Early detection can aid in early diagnosis and treatment. We hope that more people are aware of this rare disease and that more children with SMA and their families can be seen. We will bring technology to life and provide more solutions to better care for people around the world.

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