Video emerges to show woman assaulted by caregiver with special needs – CBS Pittsburgh


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A woman is outraged after seeing a video of what appears to be a trusted caregiver assaulting her sister with special needs.

Chemere Estes told KDKA that her sister, Aneesha Estes, 42, has cerebral palsy and was cared for by the nonprofit Family Services United for about five years.

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The video Estes sent to KDKA shows Aneesha Estes sitting on the couch in what appears to be a common area. There is a verbal exchange between Aneesha Estes and what looks like a member of staff. Aneesha Estes gestures to hit the staff member on the arm, then the video shows that person slapping her in the face and pulling her ponytail.

“It’s all fake, and I hope people get arrested. Not just fired, arrested. And I hope this facility can’t take on more people,” Chemere Estes said.

Chemere Estes told KDKA the video was recorded in September and surfaced last week. She said her sister complained to her about the assault when it first happened and she reported it.

However, Chemere Estes said the person she spoke to blamed her sister for misbehaving.

“I know she has behavioral issues. It’s part of his sanity. So they would act like it was just her. And I tell them she’s not going to tell me something’s wrong and it’s okay,” Estes said.

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Aneesha Estes has since left home to live with Chemere Estes, who is paralyzed from the waist down after escaping an abusive relationship, she said.

And to make matters worse, the two are also dealing with the loss of their mother, who passed away in October.

“I’m trying to find a way to get her to a better home and more counseling to see if we can help her and me because it’s cost me a lot too,” Chemere Estes said.

Family Services United did not immediately return KDKA’s multiple requests for comment.

Chemere Estes said he shared the video with police. She is also trying to find a new schedule for her sister, although she said it would be an uphill battle as she now faces fear and trust issues since the alleged assault took place.

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Chemere Estes said she was looking for a bigger place and better resources to try and keep her sister in her care, where she feels safest right now.


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