Michigan Senator Mallory McMorrow, her young child has COVID-19


Lansing – Michigan Senator Mallory McMorrow revealed in social media posts Wednesday that she and her 9-month-old Noa had contracted COVID-19.

McMorrow, a Democrat from Royal Oak, said she was fully vaccinated and feeling fine and her daughter was “a tough little soldier and has been doing well so far.” The family have a nanny who tested positive for the virus last week. The senator said that she, her husband and the caregiver of her daughter had taken “every precaution”.

“So far, everyone is doing well, but it is an experience very close to home to illustrate that the choices we make in terms of public health do not only have an impact on us, they have an impact. on our communities, and especially on those who cannot yet protect themselves, “McMorrow tweeted Wednesday morning.

Michigan is seeing an increase in COVID-19 infection rates and hospitalizations as outdoor temperatures drop and more activities move indoors. As of Monday, 2,542 adults were hospitalized with confirmed cases of COVID-19, the highest total since early May.

The percentage of COVID-19 tests yielding positive results reached 13.7% last week, the highest weekly percentage since April 11-17, according to data from the state health department.

It is still unclear how many state lawmakers have had the virus since the pandemic began last year, as not all infections in the legislature have been publicly disclosed. However, at least 13 Michigan lawmakers have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 20 months, according to information that has been made public.

One lawmaker, State Representative Isaac Robinson, D-Detroit, died on March 29, 2020 from an illness that his family said was linked to the coronavirus.

McMorrow said she tested positive on Tuesday evening. The senator was not present for Wednesday’s sitting.

She sponsored a resolution in 2020 to allow remote voting in the Senate during declared states of emergency.

The Michigan Legislature “really needs to allow proxy voting,” McMorrow tweeted Wednesday morning.



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