Taylorsville daycare worker charged with child abuse


A Taylorsville daycare worker was charged with aggravated child abuse on Wednesday, accusing her of throwing a young boy face down into a chair, causing injuries to his mouth and face. (Studio ALDECA, Shutterstock)

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TAYLORSVILLE – A teacher at a Taylorsville daycare center was charged Wednesday with throwing a toddler face down on a chair, which caused one of the boy’s teeth to be chipped and pushed to the line of the teeth. gums.

Juana Pascacia Petatan Noyola, 67, of West Valley City, is charged in 3rd District Court with aggravated child abuse, a second-degree felony.

On November 2, a mother dropped off her 2-year-old son at ABC Great Beginnings, formerly called Tilley Time Child Care, 4579 S. 1175 West. She came to pick him up later that night. The next morning, the woman noticed that her son “had a cut on his lower lip, a chipped front tooth and blood in his nose. When (the mother) asked what had happened, (her son) said his teacher punched him on the table,” according to the charging documents.

The mother returned to daycare to ask what had happened. When she informed the employees that she was going to call the police, “the daycare told her that the police did not need to be involved”, according to the charges. But when she said the daycare refused to show her video from its security cameras, the police were called.

On November 15, an officer in Taylorsville received a 9-minute portion of the video. In the footage, Noyola is seen “aggressively and brutally punching (the boy) in the head twice and forcefully throwing him. interaction is consistent with how (he) said he was injured,” according to a police affidavit.

Noyola was arrested two days later. She “admitted to grabbing (the boy), lifting him up and throwing him into a chair,” the charges state, adding that the boy had to undergo root canal treatment the same day to repair the damage.

On Sunday, police were able to view the full video of the daycare. In the video, Noyola is seen pushing the boy into a chair a few times when the boy tries to get up or away from her, and at one point Noyola appears to grab the boy “by the hair and punch him. in the face with his right hand,” according to the charges.

Another time, when the boy begins to walk away, Noyola “grabs (the boy) with one hand on either side of his head, lifts him up, and pulls him back to the chair. Once at the chair, (she) lifts ( the boy) and throws him face down on the chair,” the charges state. “During questioning, (Noyola) told officers that she pushed the victim because of his behavior. Although the defendant admitted making a mistake, she denied hitting the child and told a colleague that the victim had fallen. The defendant also failed to complete the proper paperwork, which would have informed his mother.”

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