Toddler ‘went without oxygen for 20 minutes’ at Louisville daycare; death investigation underway


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – The parents of a 13-month-old child who died after becoming unresponsive at Kayfield Academy II in December have revealed what they know about their daughter’s death and the ongoing investigation at preschool.

It was first reported last week that Kayfield Academy II was temporarily closed due to an investigation into the death of a child. The school reopened after the temporary closure on January 24.

According to the family, the 13-month-old died on January 7 at Norton Children’s Hospital after becoming unresponsive in the late afternoon of December 16 at Kayfield Academy II, despite having no pre-existing medical conditions. Doctors treating her believe she was without oxygen for more than 20 minutes before she was rushed to hospital, where she remained on life support until her death.

“To be clear, the family… did not initiate any contact with the media and played no role in the initial reports regarding the academy or the loss of their daughter,” the child’s family said in a statement. communicated through his attorneys, Terry Goodspeed and Sam Aguiar. “The parents (of the child) so appreciate all the heroic efforts of the first responders and those at Norton Children’s Hospital as they all fought so hard to try and save their daughter’s life.”

The employee who was responsible for caring for the toddler in Kayfield left the country in late December, according to the family statement, and has not returned.

Lawyers for the family say there has been “a substantial amount of misinformation” given out by school officials regarding what happened before the child was rushed to hospital. According to records, Kayfield employees told rescuers the girl was found unconscious while taking a nap. However, records also show that EMS was called more than two hours after the nap was over, and “it appears that this inaccurate information may have later been corrected when pressed by investigators.”

The parents also allege school officials repeatedly assured parents, staff and the public on social media that the girl, despite being on life support, was recovering well and stable.

Additionally, the family’s attorneys said the school had no records of the girl’s class on the day she became unresponsive.

“Kayfield II has sold itself for years on a promise of transparency: the administrators boast that cameras are present in all the rooms of the school and are constantly recording, thus allowing parents to have access to the experience of class of their child,” the family statement read. . “Now, however, Kayfield II indicates that there is no video footage of the class (of the child) for the date of the incident. Specifically, the academy says there is no no storage or camera footage in this room.The academy however quickly produced footage of (the child) in another room where CPR was attempted.

The Louisville Metro Police Department, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and Child Protective Services are investigating the death. The family has not filed a complaint and is asking anyone with information to speak to investigators or their attorneys.

In a statement, an attorney representing Kayfield Academy II said no one from the school was able to comment on the investigation: “Kayfield Academy and its child care centers have served Louisville and its surrounding communities for the past twenty-five last years. It is committed to providing excellent child care services. Kayfield Academy cannot comment on a specific survey or student due to confidentiality and privacy concerns. Kayfield Academy cooperates fully with all regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

WAVE has requested additional information about the inquest into the death from the Cabinet of Health and Family Services.

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