Bipartisan bill proposes $150 million grant package to boost Latino college enrollment


With bipartisan support, Senator Alex Padilla presented the HERE act in Congress last week that would create a five-year, $150 million grant program to boost Latino college enrollment nationwide.

The grants would be available for school districts and colleges with high enrollment of Latino students, as well as nonprofit or community organizations. Grants would be used to build university cultures, improve school and institutional practices to prepare students for higher education, support students through the application and transition process, develop our own programs that encourage students to pursue teaching as a profession and meeting the non-academic needs of students, such as childcare and food insecurity, which are barriers to college enrollment and completion.

the Fresno Bee reported Fresno State, Fresno City College, and all other community colleges in the San Joaquin Valley could qualify for the grant program.

The proposal aims to disrupt national decline at Hispanic-serving institutions – colleges that enroll more than 25% or more Latino students. In 2020-21, a decline in enrollment in Latin American higher education led to a drop in the number of institutions serving Hispanics for the first time in 20 years, from 569 to 559.

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