Own a daycare? You can now receive over $ 400,000 in pandemic relief


JACKSON, Mississippi (WLBT) – Mississippi child care providers can now receive more than $ 400,000 in pandemic relief through Child Care Strong.

The program includes the issuance of over $ 319 million in stabilization grants.

Statewide child care providers are encouraged to request payments from December 1. The application portal will be available here: Child Care Strong – Mississippi Department of Social Services (ms.gov).

The money will go directly to providers to alleviate business costs associated with the pandemic and to help stabilize their operations so they can continue to provide care.

To be eligible for Strong Stabilization Grant for Child Care funding:

  • Suppliers must be licensed or registered and meet federal criteria.
  • Suppliers must be in good financial standing with DECCD and federal accountability reports related to the CARES Act and CRRSA funding.
  • Authorized providers and unrelated home providers DO NOT have to participate in the Child Care Payment Program (CCPP) to be eligible for this funding.
  • Certain conditions will prevent providers from being granted funding:
  • Any provider who has committed an intentional fraud / violation of the Child Care Payments Program in the past year is disqualified.
    Any provider who is subject to a revocation or suspension of their license or their registration status with the MS Department of Health, the Division of Child Care Licensure or the CCPP is disqualified.
    Early Head Start or Head Start programs / beneficiaries are not qualified.
    Any program currently receiving state or local funding to cover operating expenses is not qualified, e.g. Head Start programs, public pre-kindergarten, etc.

Providers will continue to receive their monthly child care payment program subsidy, based on enrollment, in addition to solid stabilization subsidies for child care.

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